Monday Musings: Kickoff

No, I am not talking football here. It’s Monday and the week ahead of me is laced with work and responsibilities, much like any other week. So continuing my healthy kickoff for the day I sit here having fruit and water for breakfast while I blog.

I kicked off the morning with a new (for me) workout. It was fun, but I must admit I was lazy. I went for the thirty minute plus five minute or so cool down instead of the longer cardio plus additional arms, abs, legs, then cool down part of the video.  I looked at the clock, realizing I had slept past one in the morning instead of just past midnight, and with the day as full as it is scheduled to be my lazy factor came in on how much do I really feel like doing right this second in new workouts…I still have to go walking with my mom. It’s a little over a two mile walk depending on how far my mother feels like walking it can be closer to four miles. This portion of the workout is about her and sometimes I push her a little harder, but I also am trying to make sure that she does what she can do without overexerting herself in a harmful way.

I love health, nutrition and fitness and I guess I would say, behind music, it is probably my second greatest passion. Music most definitely takes first place all by itself.

So what comes after the kickoff? Work, lot’s of work, appointments, and errands. And who knows, maybe later I’ll try out another one of the new (for me) workouts.

Found in a bin at The Dollar Tree.
Found in a bin at The Dollar Tree.

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