Fly on the Wall Sunday: Inside Pegasus

He was a successful business man. He had the hottest restaurant nightlife scene in the Valley and he was well respected and even feared. Most people would have thought a young woman like Tabby would have jumped on him from the start, but they would be wrong.

I so love it when a man has the confidence to work hard to get the woman he wants. Sadly, I only really see this type of dedication in fictional worlds, but oh what a fictional world it is :).

Aleksei Valevach is first seen in Pattern for Murder. He is one of the three men in the Russian Connection series and it took a fashion show to introduce him to the very curvy makeup artist Tabitha James (Tabby to her friends). Being that Tabby is friends with Gavriil’s woman, Bailee-Jayde, Aleksei has plenty of opportunities to see Tabby and try to work his magic to get the woman to at least consider going out with him. Aleksei has never had to work this hard for a date in his life, but he is a man on a mission and Tabby is definitely the woman he deems worth fighting for. Good thing she has such a fighter in her corner because she’s going to need him.

Pegasus is book 2 in the series and there is only one more to go after that. Pegasus is still going through the final read through and edits, but it will be available for pre-order soon.



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