Friday Dish: Exploring Worlds

Clearly we are in a new month and drawing closer to the end of the year. I hope everybody enjoyed September and welcomed October happily so. For me, I have been busy. But I can Dish about projects outside of writing some other time. Let’s talk writing progress.

Pegasus ~ The Russian Connection Series

I still need to do one more final read through for this and a final spell check too. Then I have to format and prep, but everything looks as if it will be ready for a slightly earlier than December release. I will update on the release as I have updates to share.

Special Ops ~ Witness Protection Segment

Code of Honor has not made it into edits yet. I know it has been on my list for a little while but I have yet to really get into it. I think I have done about one, maybe two paragraphs of edits since my last attempt at editing. Technically I was a little further along until my computer decided to install updates and shut down. When I pulled the program back up I ended up starting from chapter one and since I didn’t believe I had made it to chapter two at that time I just decided to start over. I hope to get back to edits on this book later next week.

The book that shall not be named here, yet, is the final book in the segment and at this time I do believe I am nearing the end of the first draft. That is not to say that I am at the end, just that I am nearing it. A lot can happen between now and the end.

Special Ops: Homeland Security Segment

I mentioned before that I have a plot for the first two books in this segment of the Special Ops series. I even have a title for the first book, and once I get the final edits on Code of Honor, and the first draft on the last book in that segment complete I will commence working on the first book in the Homeland Security segment. Of course, as always, with my wonderful imagination things can always change and new movies may knock the two currently in progress out of focus.

Other Worlds I’m Exploring

I am still working on the Science Fiction series, and I have a contemporary (not really a romance at this time) chick-lit—I guess it would probably be called, work in mind that I might write later next year.

Basically, I am busy, and my imagination has gone off exploring many worlds. So much to write—so little time in focus.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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