Fly on the Wall Sunday: The To-Do List Meets Pegasus

There is so much to do and I’m glad that I am actually getting some of it done. I have thus far finished two more projects in my self-imposed deadline schedule. I even took some of the day off from one activity for family time. And I got some editing and writing done too.

Pegasus still needs to get the final read through and final edits. If you read Pattern for Murder then you are already aware of the characters in focus in the next book. Tabitha James, Tabby to her friends, and Aleksei Valevach, are on the path to their own destinations. Tabby is trying to get her business started and Aleksei is working in overdrive to get the beautiful Cuban-American curvy gem of a woman to realize age is just a number and he is the best man for her. Throw in a stalker and Aleksei’s mission to conquer and claim just got a lot more complicated.

I’ll tell you all a bit more about Pegasus soon. If you haven’t read Pattern for Murder yet you can still get it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in e-book form.


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