Fly on the Wall Sunday: The Author’s To-Do List

I know I missed a couple days of blogging. I am very deeply involved in finishing some projects on my self-imposed deadline schedule. So I probably won’t be blogging regularly for the next couple weeks, but I will be back.

I want to give a special thanks to those who left a review for Pattern for Murder. Thanks for telling me what you liked about the book and what you wanted to see more of because with Pegasus going through edits currently I am able to make sure some of those things are certainly in book two of the series. While I touched on the men a little more initially in this book, and in the third book that is not in edits yet,  I am bringing out a bit more than before in this book because some of you let me know you’re interested in knowing more about their past. So thanks for chiming in, buying my book, keeping it, and leaving a review.

Pegasus should be out in December I think. I’ll keep you updated on how the revisions are going by way of timeline factor.

As for the Special Ops series…well, I’m working on the final book in the Witness Protection segment and I need to get on with the edits and revisions for the third book in the segment. But, as always, stories come to me when they come and I now have the plot idea in mind for the first and second book in the Homeland Security segment. I will start those once I complete a round of edits on Code of Honor and get the final book’s first draft finished completely. There is much editing to be done, but I’m working on it.


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