Wednesdays with the Arts: Lace and Nature

The Wearable Arts Edition

I promised a picture of the dress, but I decided maybe wearing the dress would be better than hanging it on the dresser and trying to get a picture of it. So makeup, a trip to a spacious nature area, and walking on wet grass and dirt in heels was on the to-do list to get the pictures.

Looking OverThanks to my mother for doing the photography for me. Once I got her started she went click happy. Good thing it was digital and not film ;). She said she was sure out of all the photos I would at least find one I liked. She knows me so well. Pretty much I don’t like many photos of me anymore; I tend to find what’s wrong with them more than no. So yeah…a lot of photos and only a few that I thought were okay which required my mother to help pick the ones to share on the Knit This ~ Sew That blog.

Anyway, for more pictures and a behind the scenes look hop over to the Knit This ~ Sew That blog.



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