Monday Musings: Ready…Set…Goal!

Happy Monday everybody :). I hope everybody had a good weekend. As always I’m kicking off the day with a morning workout. I have already done part of it, both yoga routines, and will do the morning cardio pole walk later this morning with my mom.

Today kicks off my second class that I’m taking while the next assignment for the first class should be up today as well. Then, of course, there is cello practice and working on writing related things. I’m planning to make today a mostly editing day when it comes to my writing work, but as many writers might know sometimes the story in progress just can’t be denied so I might end up writing some more on the current work as well.

I did finish the dress I mentioned Saturday; I just haven’t done a picture of it yet, but I will as soon as I can. It’s different for me as it is not something I would typically wear, but I like it. I’m getting ready to start the next dress in the pile—as in I already have the lace hand sewn onto the underlying pieces so it’s time to play nice with the Serger…oh boy. Oh, and my mom has allowed me to take over her old sewing manual and I have been studying. I learn better by doing, but one really should hit the books sometimes.

Other than that I’m working on goals which all the activities on my list today will help me in my effort to reach those goals.

Morning Kick Off Workout:



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