Fly on the Wall Sunday: New Movie in Progress ~ Behind the Name

Picking the Title

Some titles come to me before the story while some come to me in the first few pages of the story and others don’t come to me until I finish the story. The last of those is rare for me, but it happens sometimes. This one, however, gave me a lot of titles that fit, but for each one I wasn’t really in love with it, but I wasn’t in hate of it either. I liked them, but I had my reasons for not being sure I wanted to use them.

Every title out there has probably been on another book, movie, song, etc., but the titles that came to mind were all in my, “yeah, but I saw that movie,” kind of bin. They were bigger movies, and yes I know that there were more movies with the same title, but I wasn’t sure that I really wanted that title on my book for that reason.

I enlisted my mother’s help. She hates when I do that. She tells me I come up with great titles and she hates when I put her on the spot. It’s like, “all you have to do is throw some stuff out there.” She gave me one that I knew I could use. And in the process of doing research for something else I kind of felt the wheel spinning and came up with something that I plan to merge with her idea. I love it, but I won’t say what it is yet.

As for the rest of the story—well, it goes back to that story I started years ago. I am sure the first part of the story I wrote is on one of the USBs that I have here, but I started over. I knew where the story started and where it was going so I started from the beginning.

Picking the Name

My leading lady still has the same first name, but my leading man’s name was a morning of research. Thanks to my mother the name was finalized. Yeah, she picked his name while I picked his father’s name. He almost had his father’s name, but when she pointed out the other name it was like, “yeah…I like that.” A lot goes through my mind when finalizing the name. It’s a journey and like any of my other quests a name means a lot to me. It’s more than just picking one to slap on the character and be done with it. I don’t write like that.

My leading lady? Well, she’s kind of the calm to his storm while he is the strength to her weakness. They complement each other. The more I write, the more I want to know about these two. As the movie continues to play the story unfolds one scene (or more) at a time.


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