Friday Dish: Veggie Pasta and the New Student

I’m adjusting my schedule some. Working out is always first on the list. It’s my morning get up and move thing, plus I go walking with my mom to help her stay on her healthy lifestyle track. I love to workout; she doesn’t love it so much so sometimes I have to give a nudge and other times she’s up and dressed ready to go.

IMG_0015I really do have to get on a more solid schedule until I finish these classes. Of course I’m still going to fit everything in the best I can. Things like trying out new meal creations. This one here is zucchini pasta. As in the veggie itself is spiraled like pasta. I don’t eat pasta anymore so being able to make meal creations with spiraled veggies is fun.

I got the Veggetti as a gift. My mom bought it so I could cook some more ;). She got it from Walgreens in the As Seen on TV aisle. It can do thick or thin spirals but I prefer thin so these are thin.


I roasted the veggies with herbs and spices, added some freshly, kind of roasted, shrimp and spinach and voila—dinner! Yummy.


That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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