Monday Musings: Abduction

Holding a conversation while half sleep is a lot like holding a conversation while drunk—bad idea.

I always call my dad sometimes more than once a week, but Saturdays are a standard day for me. I’m back home, I have a load of clothes in the wash if I didn’t fit it in earlier during the week, and by this point I have already done a lot of writing, my workout, and other things that have become hostile takeovers of my time. At this point I can converse without thinking of all the things I still have to do. Sure, there is still stuff to do, but I can take an hour or more to talk to my dad.

Saturday I caught him while he totally sounded half sleep. My dad won’t let me offer to call him back. No, he isn’t sleep…yeah, right Dad because you sound half sleep to me, but he wants to keep talking. Even if he’s busy he takes time to talk to me. That’s kind of sweet; isn’t it?

But this past phone call was like, OMG, you’ve been abducted by aliens and returned more negative than I remembered. I thought I held the family torch on being a realist. I see now where I get it from. Between my mother and my father I wonder how I’ve made it this far.

I mentioned to him about a festival the city will hold later this year and that I might go. I thought it would be fun to take an afternoon, go out, maybe meet people, and network—yes, that’s working, but working while having fun is okay; right?

My father, however, basically spent the rest of the conversation letting me know why staying home is good. “Don’t trust anybody” he said. Okay, I kind of already don’t trust anybody so I can’t argue with him there. “Nobody has friends,” he said. “People are only there if you will do something for them.” Okay, I have come to realize this fact as well. I can’t say I disagree with him; I just never expected to hear this come from him.

On Sunday my mother and I were talking and she pretty much told me that people won’t help you. They’ll use you to get what they want and then they’ll walk away. Okay, I can’t argue here because this has happened to me a lot. It’s like I just expect it to happen now.

I can agree with them, but I never realized how depressing it all sounded until I heard it come from both of them.

But, in kicking off this week I decided to do two things different:

  1. Workout differently. Currently I have goals and right now I think I’m just maintaining, but I really do want to meet my goals soon so I need to push it hard.
  2. I’m taking courses online. It’s through where you get courses for free from several universities that offer them. I have signed up for a nutrition course (no surprise there) and a music course (no surprise there either). I’m waiting to sign up for the business course until the next session.

Since I am going to be doing the school thing I will probably not be online as much. I will try to have the blogs pre-scheduled.

Morning Workout Today:

Dance workout:

Yoga Core:

And I’m on yard cutting duty so pushing the lawnmower is definitely another workout.

Have a happy Monday :).


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