Fly on the Wall Sunday: The Russian Connection—Behind the Scenes

The series has started with the release of Pattern for Murder. It’s available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

How did the series start?

Like some of my other series. There was one book. Then there were other characters within the book that I thought needed a story and then a series was born.

Do I have a favorite character?

Not really. I like them all, but I really like Cocoa in The Devil’s Lair, which is the final book in the series. I so love her look, her style, her design genius, but I really want her archery skills.

What do I like about the first book in the series?

Hmm…my leading lady does what I wish I had done—clothing design. But I like Gavriil. In all his very manly tough exterior he still has a little bit of a vulnerable side and hesitancy when it comes to making a move on the woman he’s interested in. Yes, he finally makes a move, but it takes some prodding from his friends to do it. As Aleksei said to him “I’ve never known you to give up, Gav. Make a move before some cop does.” A little friendly reminder and the looming threat that the woman he wants could end up with somebody else kind of gives him that push of courage he needs to make it happen.

Are any parts of the story like my real life?

Hmm…I love fashion and have a love hate relationship with sewing; does that count? 🙂

Pattern-for-Murder-webHere’s the short blurb on the first book in the Russian Connection series.

A designer with class and a flare for style. A business man with edge and a not so legal history. A cult that won’t let her go. And a dark cloud of danger hovering over the woman of his heart. There is a pattern for everything and Bailee-Jayde is finding out that everything includes murder. Can she survive? Or will she be forever forced into that dark night.


Barnes and Noble


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