Friday Dish: Detour

Remember my big challenge I talked about on Wednesday? Well, I’m definitely excited about it, but I have three big projects I have to finish before I can even get started on it. I hope I am still this excited by the time I get to it. I keep thinking about it and visualizing it in my head. I think if the other three projects that are left turn out better than expected then I’ll probably be ready to jump on this one without hesitation.

Working on these projects is kind of like working on writing a new story. When a story just takes off for me and leads me where it wants to go I follow and when I’m done I am excited to jump into the next story. But when I’m not so excited about current projects it makes it harder to get excited about the next one—especially if it’s one that’s already in progress.

Guarding Angel was kind of that story that just took over. I had no idea I was going to write it or that it would become a part of the Special Ops series, Witness Protection segment line. But my two leading characters totally came in and rerouted my train of thought, thus sparking two unplanned books in the segment. So what will be the last book in the segment? I don’t know. With all the other books now kicked out of place I have one that I just started that could fit there, but I’m kind of thinking of revisiting a story I started about seven years (or more) ago before life took over and kicked the story to the back burner. Or maybe I’ll revisit one of my other U.S. Marshal stories and write it instead…maybe…depending on where my mind is by the time I finish edits on Code of Honor I just might have a completely different story in mind.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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