Toning Up with Videos

Hey, I was online looking for videos to add into my workout routine. I wanted something new or just different from what I already have on file and I ended up on Scola’s YouTube page again and found some of her older videos. I can definitely see the change in her body which tells me she’s sharing things that worked for her so that’s positive.

I did the leg workout but haven’t done the others yet. I had to modify the leg workout because of my leg, but I know how to modify things so that wasn’t a problem.

Anyway, I’m sharing the three videos below in case anybody is looking to add something new to their already structured routine. I will be back tomorrow with Friday Dish. I’m thinking of talking relationships, but I might not since it’s kind of personal and I might decide not to share that part of me with you all, but I shall see. It depends on how I feel tomorrow. Maybe I’ll work it into relationships and writing to take the personal stuff out of it.

Have a great day you all.

Leg Workout:

Ab workout:

Arm Workout:


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