Wednesdays with the Arts: My Most Challenging Project Yet

There’s this thing called writing, and yes, I do that. I have gotten better with not doing it all day, from post morning workout until time for bed. I actually like the day better this way, but sometimes it feels as if I’m being unproductive in the business of writing. I have so many stories that need to be written and I really don’t care enough about any of them to finish them. This is probably why spending all day writing was a good idea—because I finished stories before I stopped caring about the ending of them. I finished them while they were on my mind and I was interested with the movie playing in my head so much so that I really wanted to know the ending.

Right now, however, writing isn’t on my list of major things to do today. I will write a little, but for the most part I’m working on projects. I have just created and have been thinking about my most challenging project yet. Every time I think I have a smooth sailing option worked out in my head, the logical side of my brain gives me the “remember that other part over there” that makes the creative part of my brain go, “oh yeah…I forgot about that part.”

I woke up just after midnight and was thinking about this project, dozed off to sleep and started dreaming about thinking about this project. I’m sure I must have been dreaming given the fact that I had a crazy friend banging on my window at midnight and I don’t have any crazy friends here…or any friends here for that matter…that would bang on my window at that time of night…or ever. I must have drifted off to sleep because when I looked at the clock again it was just after 1:00 a.m. so yeah…it must have been a dream. In either case I now have ideas on how to make this project come together once I can work on it. I am so going to make this project work…okay, I am determined to try to make it work, but as with all things in my life plans seem to be the root of all disastrous evils for me. I’m still going to try to pull this project together. It’s my most challenging one yet, but you know I am ready to dive in and go for it.


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