Monday Musings: Kicking Off September

September is here and a new season is just weeks away. Have you kicked off the first day of the month on a good start? Are your goals still in sight? Have you given up on them or are you forging ahead?

I’m getting September off on a positive start with an early morning workout. There isn’t a need to miss the first day of the week and the first day of the month keeping healthy and fit.

Today’s Workout Activities:

Scola Dondo’s Azonto Workout:

Tone It Up Love Your Arms and Abs Workout:

Tara Stiles Yoga for Holiday Meal Digestion Workout:

And a 3 mile walk with my mom is still to come as soon as the sun starts to kiss the sky.

Writing Good Starts:

I will be uploading Pattern for Murder later tonight. This is the first book of three in a new series. I got an idea for a short story/novella yesterday while I was working on some other creative projects and if the movie keeps playing in my head I just might write it this month.

Other than that, I am keeping a steady, yet soothing, pace this month. I have vowed to try not to over tax myself by doing too much work and not enough me time. This will be difficult for me as I rarely schedule “me time” but I am doing it this month. Tuesday I have plans…yeah, I’m going to try to do them. And those creative projects?—I’m almost finished with one, with four, and now an added one for five, left to go.

Happy September you all.


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