Fly on the Wall Sunday: Trouble in Paradise

I love fitness and nutrition so much that it kind of feels like I’m spending more time talking about that than books on this blog. While I did decide that this blog would have a few topics out of the writing world, I had planned to spend more time talking books. So let’s talk books today and not fitness. Oh who am I kidding? Let’s talk suspense romance books including fitness motivated characters ;).

Trouble in Paradise has my leading lady who took the bull by the horn so to speak. She finished school, knew what she wanted to do and she went for it. One best foot forward in your face so use my services approach landed her a contract, a steady paying job that pays her exactly what she asked for, a lot of travel helping people get fit and nutritious within the leading man’s company, and of course, there is a rather attractive multiracial Aussie-American-Japanese man. Lucky her.

Trouble in Paradise Not everybody wants paradise; some people prefer hell. When crazy finds its way to what should have been a perfect working getaway secrets are exposed, relationships are sealed and life changing events might just become life ending events.

Short Excerpt:

Now he stood here beside her, wondering why she hadn’t come to him. Didn’t she know he could protect her? She had to know that. What did she think he did for a living—fly fish?

“She told you.” She stared out at the ocean. He wasn’t happy with her avoidance so he stepped in front of her.

“You should have told me. You came back to that office and yet you didn’t even bother to come in to tell me. You walked back here by yourself. What were you thinking?” Was he angry? Yes. That was a definitive yes.

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