Wednesdays with the Arts: Motivational Love Your Body

I was going to talk about something writing related today, but then I saw this video and thought in all the fitness videos I have shared this one on Accepting Your Shape is worth sharing. No, it’s not saying don’t get and stay healthy, it’s simply pointing out that not all humans have the same body shape.

I don’t know what my shape would be considered. I think a lot of that is because I never cared. Growing up there wasn’t this focus on “oh you’re hourglass, or pear, or apple.” People were just people. Working out was just fun for me. Way back when I first started working out I had no idea what good it was doing for my body; I was just having fun. Even after I realized I was working out I don’t think I fully understood how great it was for my body. I knew a little, but I was still having fun and not over analyzing it…shocker, I know. I analyze everything ;).

Fast forward to kickboxing aerobics in college; the teacher I had really focused on how physically good working out was for the body, and on what muscles we were using and toning. It was that year when I got the “you’ve lost weight,” shocked type expression. No, I might have lost like five pounds max but really I was just toning up areas. I wasn’t overweight at any point in my life so I guess the bamboozled shocked proclamation from another woman had me looking at my body and wondering if I missed something all those times I was looking in the mirror to make sure clothes were as they were supposed to be—no skirt stuck in pantyhose type thing that is.

Fast forward to today and I realize I am a lot more in tune with my body, what workouts are good for it, what workouts change the look in ways I might not want it too, and how healthy I am living my life with fitness and nutrition.

Tips I have heard for being more confident in one’s body:

Sleep Naked ~ Um…not for me. I have this thing about thinking there could be a fire in the middle of the night and then I’ll die trying to put on clothes because I am Not leaving the house naked. But hey, this might be fine for others so if you want to try it then have at it.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others ~ I wholeheartedly agree on this one. Each body is different; no two are the same, so why try to base your beauty off somebody else’s body?

Do the Best that You Can ~ I think this kind of goes with the previous one a bit. When working out don’t think just because the woman on the other treadmill can run like the Devil is chasing her and you’re still walking at what may seem a moderately slow pace, that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. It is good, so embrace it and do the best that you can.

Well, this post is getting too long so maybe some other time I’ll discuss this more.


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