Monday Musings: All About Health

Hey. I know I’m a lot later today than usual, but I have been busy today. It has been a morning of working out for me. I did Tara Stiles yoga routines. I picked a few different ones that came up to about twenty minutes of yoga. I went walking with my mom using the poles that we both walk with. It was a shoe destroying walk, which meant I needed new sneakers that I hadn’t planned to have to buy. Stupid shoes. They weren’t even that old.

After lunch and cello practice I did Scola Dondo’s Azonto dance workout, followed by some in room jogging for about 25 minutes. (I know I am trying not to do the jogging thing because it’s not good for my leg, but I just couldn’t resist.) I followed jogging with more yoga. I did a healthy joints yoga routine but followed that with the Full Body routine.

I had fun. And while having fun and jogging in my room I came across another health video some of you might find useful.

Eating Healthy with Unhealthy Friends

These are good tips. I have always eaten before going out because I am allergic to things, and I’m a picky eater so at least I know if I eat before I leave I will have food in my stomach and won’t sit starving because friends picked a place where I can’t eat. I’m also (not a full vegan) but more vegetarian than not, so eating at home is great because I get what I can eat, plus I know what has gone into it since I cooked it.

Another health tip I hear often is don’t look at it as a diet, but a lifestyle change. I agree on this one. If you’re going to do healthy eating don’t look at it as just being for a few weeks or a month or whatever, try making it a lifestyle change and keeping it long term.

Healthy Hair Tips: They are both so pretty, and I really like her necklace.

So that’s it for today. We’re in the last week of the month so Cello Diaries should be here on Thursday but everything else should be same as usual.


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