Fly on the Wall Sunday: Good Guys with Edge

I know Fly on the Wall Sunday has been taking on a look at other things within my life as a career writer, but today I’m giving a look at an upcoming 3-book series I’m rather excited about. The men are dangerously sexy. The women are up and coming. The danger is just over the pathway and this tight knit Russian Connection of men will have to band together to ensure survival.

Pattern for Murder ~ First Look

“Good guys with edge—yeah right.” Bailee-Jayde has had some ups and downs in her life. Losing her mother when she was a young girl and being brought up in a cult that programmed women to do things most sane women would never find acceptable had haunted her until she was able to break free. While she lost everything and everybody who had been her friends as she grew up, and her father won’t even speak to her, she’s doing just fine making a life for herself. They couldn’t break her, but little did she know the ultimate attack is hovering over her like a dark cloud filled with carnivorous locusts waiting to feast on her soul.

When she meets Gavriil Zeldes and his Russian friends her fear meter etches up. “Good guys with edge,” is what Julia McGentry had called them. She wasn’t so sure about the good guys part when these tattooed, nicely sculpted, big and dangerous men, infiltrate her home multiple times a week. Their Russian chatter sets her nerves on greater edge and the only thing she can do is try to ignore them. They’re not there for her. She just has to keep working on her designs and getting ready for the biggest event of her budding career. But what she doesn’t know is that the men keep turning up because one of these sexy Russian-American business men is very much interested in her.

When her past comes back to stalk her it’s these “good guys with edge” that she’s going to have to depend on. When nobody else can keep her safe can Gavriil protect the woman of his heart while claiming her as his mate? Or will a lethal cult mandate take her to the grave like it took her mother there over a decade ago?

Pattern for Murder ~ Book 1 in the Russian Connection series.

This one is coming in September I believe.


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