Friday Dish: Protect Me

I believe sometimes my characters seek protection. Sometimes they guard themselves because they know nobody will ever really care enough to protect them without wanting something in return. But in their journey sometimes they find that person, the one who wants nothing more than to keep them safe and to love them. There are no strings attached. Unconditional love—I’m not really sure that’s a reality, but in the world of fiction it surely is fun to explore.

I like fiction. In fiction I can go anywhere, be anything, and explore uncharted waters and fantastical creatures unknown to mankind. There are so many possibilities in the fictional realm. You can be the dragon or the dragon slayer, the beast or the warrior king. Anything is possible in fictional worlds. You just have to fall down the hole and explore, slowly climbing your way back out into the realm of reality where everything isn’t possible and nothing is ever quite so magical.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.



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