Wednesdays with the Arts: I Just Couldn’t Resist

Oh please; like you didn’t know I wasn’t going to be able to wait. Yes, that story I talked about has definitely taken shape. Over 8k words of shape. Yes, I should be working on finishing Spanish Rose. It’s almost finished…I think.

I have such an active imagination. But you know active imagination is good in my current position.

I do need to find a name for my leading lady so I can at least stop writing NAME in spaces where I need her name. I can’t decide just yet what I want her name to be. I have plenty of names on my mind, but I’m not sure any fit this character. I also have a name that I like but have definitely used before (twice I think) so I think I will go on the search later today to see if there is a name that I think fits her best. I have everything for her except her name.


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