Monday Musings: Paying Attention

I don’t think I’m writing today. I have to take my mom on her errands, and I’m always on cooking duty so I have to cook too, and there is a job I am interested in even though it’s kind of far away I want to call and inquire. They are closed Sunday and Monday, but I think I’ll call today just to get my name in even if it’s by way of a voice message.

So what am I paying attention to today?

<sigh> Poochy stomach. I hate being bloated. As most people who know me or have been reading my blogs here and there over the years know I love to workout. I like eating healthy. But I, like many other people breathing today, have my body goals still in progress. I want perfectly flat abs. I’m not talking hardcore six pack because I really don’t find that super attractive on a woman, but a little muscle definition is good. Muscle definition I have. When I’m not bloated I can see it, but I am still working on it. Not too muscular, but no extra fat would be good. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll know it when I have it.

That being said, I have been paying attention to how my body reacts to certain foods lately. Okay, so that candy my mother gifted me with is not really food, but it was nice of her. I actually used to really like to eat it, but it’s a little too sweet for me now. But it was a gift…a really big gift that’s still sitting there occupying space on my vanity bench. I ate the serving size of 4 pieces. Did you know that four pieces of Circus Peanuts are 140 calories? That is such a waste of calories. That is also so making me bloated today. I hate poochy stomach on me…I really do. I think my body reacted this way because I don’t eat refined sugars.

If I’m going to meet my goals it is always good to pay a little more attention to how my body reacts to food not just with if it makes me sick, but if it bloats me in areas I do not want to bloat in…which would be all areas btw.

Today’s Morning Workout:

Dance for cardio

Tone It Up Bridal Babe for toning


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