Friday Dish: Refusal Meets Persistence

I am one of those writers who have dozens of movies playing in my head. Sometimes those movies fade away and I get back to my focus on current stories. Sometimes those movies demand to be written into stories and it pushes my works in progress to the back burner. Sometimes those back burner works in progress return to the front of the line and sometimes they fade into the night.

There is a movie now that has been playing in my head since late last year. I refused to write it. It’s different than I normally write although I suppose on some level it could fit into a series. Wherever the movie would actually fit, in a series or as a singular, I refused to write it because there were so many other movies that I had already started putting on paper.

I can’t say that I’m refusing this story because it’s different. I write many things that are different than I usually write. I’m working on a strictly sci-fi line now…okay, I’m a shipper and one of the books is going to be a little difficult to keep it sci-fi without a hint of romance, but I’ll cross that path when I get to it. Yeah, my mind and imagination goes where it wants when it wants and I am just the lucky woman who gets to go along for the journey.

So why have I been refusing this story? Before my answer was because I needed to work on the other stories. Now, my answer is still a little of the same. I still need to work on so many other stories, but this movie demands my attention. This movie will not let me rest. It’s here; it leaves and sleeps for a little while, and then it comes back. Each time I see more of the movie in my head. Each time I crave to see what happens to these characters. Each time a little more unfolds in my mind. Each time I try to push it to the back.

I cannot write this story now. I have too many other books that need to be finished, some that need to be started, and others that…well, may never get finished. I keep hoping as this persistent movie plays, as I see the ultimate end, that maybe that will be enough for me. Once I know the end I am satisfied and have no desire to revisit the world again (this is probably why I hate editing).

Will I stop craving this particular story? I don’t know, but I don’t think so.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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