Monday Musings: Writing the Workout and Dreams

Such a wonderful way to kick off a morning before getting started with writing work. Dance workout via Scola’s YouTube page, followed by Tara Stiles Moves for Leaner Legs, followed by this song played twice with 6.5minutes of plank and a little over 1.5 minutes of pushups and triceps work, finished off with stretching. There is no point in asking myself if I’m going to feel this tomorrow when I know I felt the arm muscles working hard while doing it. But it was great! 🙂

So what’s happened over the weekend leading me to Monday Musings?

The Death of a Dream

Something I have been working on and hoping for got the kill switch over the weekend with one phone call that totally destroyed the dream. Well…maybe not totally because I am not giving up. There isn’t much in my mind that could change my current goal other than getting a dream job in Italy or something in which case some of my dream will have to seriously go through a metamorphosis.

Oh well…it’s never truly too late until you’re dead right?—Well, dead or married.


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