Fly on the Wall Sunday: A Look Ahead

I’m talking books today for those of you who are here because of the world of writing and explorative fiction.

I must admit that I love fictional worlds. In those worlds I believe is the only place where one finds a definitive happy ending…well, in the fictional world of romance anyway. HEAs are kind of mandatory it would seem.

So what worlds have I been exploring lately? I have been exploring the fictional worlds of science fiction, contemporary and suspense romance. Here is a brief look at what’s to come to Capri Montgomery Books in the near and slightly distant future.

The Russian Connection Series:

Three Russian-Americans, three beautiful multiracial women and suspense with a healthy dash of romance. Pattern for Murder should be out in September, but no promises.

 The Rose Series:

This one started as one book but then I decided the entire family needed a story. Their last name is not Rose, but you’ll have to read the books to see the connection :). The father gets the first story.

Witness Protection Segment of the Special Ops Series:

Code of Honor. You all met Rhys in Guarding Angel, so this one is his unplanned story. It’s still in edits…um, heading towards edits.

Science Fiction:

The world of science fiction is still under exploration so I’ll share more on that world at a later time. Let’s just say humans have definitely been knocked out of their top of the food chain status.

Most Recent Release:

older man series main coverThe Older Man Collection: This book has three short stories with younger women who like older men. Falling in love can be difficult at any age, but these three women are finding out it takes a strong woman to claim an older man.

Kamea in 8 Ball is serving her Maid of Honor duties and finding instant attraction to the Best Man. Fiona is finding that Winter Heat can lead to bedding her boss (no sex). And Katherine is finding out in From Paris with Hate that an older man turned husband won’t be easily dismissed. Can these three women embrace love no matter the legal age? Find out in The Older Man Collection.

Available on Lulu (print), Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook).



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