Green Smoothie with Calorie Count

Strawberry-Pear & Spinach Green Smoothie


I cut the strawberries in half and made a cup, which per the calorie count site is about 50 calories for raw, fresh strawberries. The pear is listed at about 98 calories for the fresh, raw, pear. The spinach, per the back of the bag and not the ones from my garden (that are ever so slowly growing) has it listed at 20 calories per serving and a serving is 4 cups. I only used 2 cups of the spinach. Total calorie count is: 158 calories…but, I added the Metamucil for my mom. I hate Metamucil I think. I know it’s good for the body, but I think it makes me bloated. I’m still assessing this so I shall see. 1 Tablespoon of the one she has is 45 calories. So total for smoothie with Metamucil added is: 203 calories.

I know some people chock a lot of their dietary needs into their breakfast smoothies that can total up to over 400 calories and then they will have small snacks until lunch. I know when they do this the smoothie is an actual meal for them. I don’t make my smoothies in a way that could make them a full meal but they are still yummy healthy.

For those of you interested in trying out this smoothie I used about ½ cup ice and a little under ½ cup water with the blend. Serving size: 2


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