My Cello Hates Me

Sometimes I think my cello hates me. And you know, I think I’m starting to hate it too. First the C-string unwinds itself out of tune. That’s fine because I can fix that. But not being happy that it was the lone out of tune string it takes the rest of them with it. I finally manage to get C close to where it should be. Hey, at this point I will take a slightly flat C-string. G is finally perfectly in tune. A is a little flat but nothing a little fine tuner action won’t fix. But D…D is like the root of all evils. The D-string will not wind and stay that way. No, the closest it will get is C…it’s a lovely C really, but I kind of need the D-string to be an actual D.

Then the C-string goes out of tune again and takes G with it. I moderately fix G but C would prefer to be nearly dangling off the cello. If it weren’t for still being slightly wound around the peg it probably would have came off. So yeah, after 20 minutes of here not here cello tuning my hands went on a revolt of their own being far too tired and in a slight bit of “overworked” discomfort. I put the cello away. I’ll try again later…or tomorrow…or next month. I am so sure I can play the notes I need on the D and C strings on A and G. That will sound some kind of beautiful—not. I will try again later after errands and cleaning.

On the bright side, before the strings went crazy on me my cello practice and my morning were going pretty well. I finished editing one of the books on my to-do list and I even got in a yoga workout. Now if only somebody could design a self-tuning cello that would just make life so perfect ;).



  1. I find that if I do my best on all 4 strings, then just avoid playing the open strings (avoid like the plague), it doesn’t really impact too much! Do you have the little ‘micro-adjuster twiddlers’ (no idea what the technical term is) by the bridge or is it only the big tuning pegs on the neck?

    • LOL. The fine tuners 🙂 I’m not up on the technical terms either. I do have those. I try to avoid tuning from the pegs as much as possible, but the fine tuners work pretty well so long as the strings aren’t way out of tune…kind of like they are now. I am so not looking forward to today’s practice.

      How long have you been playing?

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