Monday Musings: Dreams are Dreams, Reality is Reality

“Dreams we have when we are young, reality when we are wise.” I heard this quote in a movie once and I remember being captivated by the sentiment. But is there really that big of a line drawn in the sand? Can one not have dreams while having reality?

I think to dream is sometimes to live. To dream helps inspire hope, sometimes push a person to action, and sometimes makes an otherwise dull life seem moderately fulfilled. I guess the real question is if the person can distinguish the dream world from the world of reality, find a balance and know how much is possible, and how much is not so possible.

I am both dreamer and realist. While many of my dreams have fallen apart in one fashion or another I still dare to dream, to try, and sometimes I watch yet another dream sink to the bottom. But I am also a realist. I tend to think of what could go wrong and try to think of possible solutions before it happens. I tend to try to balance the dream world with the real world. How much of my dream is smoke and mirrors—a looking glass to step through, fall down a hole, and get tangled in a web of self built dreams wrapped in lies? And how much of my dream is really possible provided I work hard, and hit a little bit of luck to help carry me the rest of the way to Eureka?

Balancing dreams with reality is not always easy, but for those times when my dreams are bigger than the moon, sometimes I can wrap myself in my world of writing and my characters get to have the dream recognized. Like Anya from the Shadow Hills series. She has her own small mountain town boutique filled with her knitted designs. Now that would be a dream—small mountain town, rather peaceful, my own boutique…or tea shop meets bookstore, meets store for knitted items and all those sewing projects. Yeah, I could so live there—well minus the murders, the mountain of secrets and the crazy small town antics. No, those were probably fun—not the murder thing of course. Oh, and cute retired Marine guy now Sheriff kind of works too. Yeah, I could move to Shadow Hills—you know, if it were a real place that is and I didn’t have that altitude sickness issue.


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