Fly on the Wall Sunday: August Writing

Yes I am still writing. I’m editing too. I had two movies play in my head and I do think I would want to write them one day, but right now I am trying to focus on finishing some of the current works in progress. So what am I hoping to make a dent in this month?

  1. Finish the last round of edits on Pattern for Murder.
  2. Finish the first round of edits on the two other books in the same series as the book from #1.
  3. Get The Older Man collection formatted and released sometime this month.
  4. Edit Code of Honor (Witness Protection segment of the Special Ops series).
  5. Work on Destroyer of Worlds and with hopes finish it so I can move on to the other books.
  6. Edit Black Rose, finish Spanish Rose, and continue work on Stroke of Midnight.

That is a lot of work given the fact that I have major life changes on the horizon so I don’t know if I will accomplish all of 1-6, or any of them for that matter, but I shall try. It’s a new month and I have 31 days to try to make it work…hmm…28 now.


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