Friday Dish: Calorie Count

This month’s blog postings will be a mix of things, including writing since this is kind of a blog about my writing too, but this month I’m spending a little time with weight loss.

Calorie Count

Now some of you know I don’t count calories as in monitoring my calorie intake. I’m eating mostly fresh fruits and veggies and they don’t come with a calorie count stuck to the fruit, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t look it up online and find information on the calories I’m eating.

So why did I start looking at it this morning? It wasn’t because I was putting together a recipe where I needed it so I could share the caloric count, but it was because of my mother. When she started putting back on the weight she had lost I had to take a look at calories in the healthy food she eats.

IMG_9249What’s In a Fruit?

I found this site and what I like is that I can find the calorie count for fruits and veggies. This really reminds me of the importance of monitoring food intake.

I have found that things I love to eat can really pack on the calories. Those strawberries may be healthy, but the calories add up. At the top of the page it has it listed as 5 calories for 1-Large strawberry while the second add-up has it at 6 calories. I’ll just stick with 5 calories on this post. It may seem small but add that to other fruits or veggies for the day and those 5 calories start to add up.

I found 1-cup of grapes listed at 114 calories. Blueberries had 1-cup at 81 calories. It’s healthy, yes, but if the person packing on calories is not working enough of those calories off then the gaining of weight is going to happen.

There is more to weight loss than calories, but knowing how much you’re eating does go a long way to help try to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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