Cello Diaries: Where Fitness and Cello Collide

I thought yesterday was Thursday which is why I forgot to tag the post Wednesdays with the Arts. Oops.

So since today is Thursday, and the last Thursday of the month is Cello Diaries, which now coincides with the last day of the month of fitness posts I am so trying to figure out how I got off on my days and spaced the last Thursday as in Cello Diaries at the same time. I think I need a vacation.

So what can I say about cello and fitness? Well…hmm…cello is pretty much the same as it was the last time. Maybe a little better with shifting, but in my mind it’s the same. Some days I think, ‘why am I doing this again?’ But then I remember why—I love cello. So my momentary lapse in memory is usually followed by, ‘practice some more.’ It’s just frustrating because it feels like it’s taking forever to get where I want to be—much like the rest of my life right now. But this “forever” feeling kind of reminds me of fitness.

Ha, ha. I had to segue into the last day of fitness postings for the month.

Sometimes the goal might seem unreachable, or like it’s taking forever to meet the destination. Just know that everything takes time. If you’re eating healthy, working out, and consistently working toward your goal you will eventually get closer. Keep goals realistic because realistic goals are more attainable. Set a course and stay on it.

Get Moving

Even if you don’t like the gym or can’t afford it that doesn’t mean you can’t workout. YouTube has so many free workout videos you can choose from to help get you moving. You can find fitness videos in the store as well. Going for a walk is a good source of physical activity. Ditch the leisurely stroll and add a little more power into your steps. Even if you can only start with 10 minutes, 10 minutes is better than nothing. And if the weather outside is too harsh for going out, you can always do a light jog in the house. Jog around a room, jog a straight line up and back, or jog in front of the TV while you watch your favorite show. Dropping to the floor for pushups and crunches or plank exercises on commercial breaks is a nice way to mix it up.

Just have fun with it and be consistent with it. Getting physically healthy is not an overnight thing. It takes work. Allow yourself time to reach your goals just keep working towards them. And if you have a setback, don’t worry; a step backwards doesn’t mean you can’t take three giant leaps forward.

I guess this is where fitness and cello collide for me—if I stick with it progress to meet my cello playing dreams shall be made…eventually.


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