Every Day is a New Day

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re doing a workout you have done before yet it feels as if you’re struggling through some of the moves? Does it sometimes feel as if you got your heart rate up just a bit more? I have those days sometimes and today was definitely one of them.

I’m not done with my workout yet, but I have to wait until the sun starts to crest the sky before I can go for a power pole walk. So far I have done two yoga routines for a little over twenty minutes of yoga. The first was the Yoga for Holiday Meal Digestion video. I like this one so I do it at least few times a week. This one was kind of like smooth sailing this morning. And then I tried one more yoga video for the morning and that is where my normal flow through and feel it while I’m doing it type thing changed.

Weight Loss Yoga Routine

Wow. Just wow. Usually I can do this routine with a slight elevation in heart rate. Usually I can do the pushups without wishing I could drop my knees to help me. Technically I could drop my knees; I’m just stubborn. Once I got to a point where I could do a small number repetitively without dropping my knees I wanted to keep challenging myself. I can always tell when my arms are refusing to lift my weight without compromising form and it’s not as early as today. I don’t know if it’s because I started off a little sore. I am trying to figure the soreness out. I did one of Scola Dondo’s dance workouts yesterday, but sore is not what I should have been feeling. It was more of a tight kind of sore and I figured yoga was just what I needed to kick off my morning.

Yeah, by end of the Weight Loss Yoga Routine I was definitely blowing out a puff of relief in that thank goodness it’s over kind of way.

The important thing for me is to realize that I did it. Tired, and puffing or not, I put my mind to a task and I pushed myself through it. Sometimes that’s all it takes. So on those days when you don’t feel like working out, when it just feels like too much or you don’t feel as if you want to expend the energy on your body. When the TV seems like a better option to sit on the couch and hang out in front of, get up, get moving, and follow through.





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