A Morning Full Of Fruit and Veggies

We have been talking about fitness all month with a brief sharing of places online that focus on fitness and healthy eating. The month of fitness is nearing its end. I’m sure I’ll mention fitness and food again on this blog because I really do love working out and eating healthy…as healthy as I can anyway.

This morning has been full of running errands and grocery shopping. I love fruit.



That’s not the only place where I have an area full of fruit. Gosh, I have fruit everywhere. It’s in the storage drawer, on two shelves, both pineapples are on the counter and the lemons and limes are occupying the nice silver tray on my kitchen island. Did I mention that I love fruit? ;).

veggiesVeggies are a necessity. This is some of my run of the morning veggie buy.


I still have some of the ones I grew nicely frozen in the freezer. The veggie garden I started earlier this month is still in the growing stages. But if all goes well again then maybe I’ll have homegrown organic veggies. Never count your chickens before your eggs hatch though.

So what did I do with some of the veggies today?—A sauce-less kind-of pizza.

Basically it’s a whole wheat soft taco shell, lots of veggies, and only about two teaspoons of shredded Parmesan cheese. Plus, I added a nice salad to complete the dinner. I still need pita bread. I can’t find any up here so I guess tomorrow I am going on the hunt for pita bread.

healthy pizza




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