Monday Musings: Kick Off

I kick off my days with a workout, sometimes checking email when I remember that I have several email accounts I need to check (note to self, check emails this week). I like to mix it up when I workout. I have routines I love and I know me, I gravitate toward the things I love to do and so that can get me stuck in a routine for a long time. Knowing this makes me change things up. Even if it’s just mixing up the yoga videos I make a change. Sometimes it’s adding in Pilates to post cardio work because I have been away from doing Pilates for a while and have been getting back into it more recently.

So here is a look at the three YouTube videos I kicked off my morning with.

This one is a dance workout. I believe it was after three minutes into the video when the warm up started. She talks first and shows a little about the moves you’ll do during the warm up. This was my first time doing this one. I had fun, definitely sweated and got my heart rate up too.

I finished it off with yoga. Okay, the titles may or may not be entirely accurate, but I don’t want to click on the link to go back to grab the exact title. I’m not being lazy; I just really want to go get my shower now.

Total Body Holiday Yoga:

Yoga Holiday Digestion:

The month is almost over and so the fitness blogging will probably cease…okay, maybe not, but it will go back to being less spotlighted. I don’t have any idea what next month will bring to this blog other than the usual staples. I shall see next month. Have a great rest of day you all.


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