Friday Dish: A Week in Review

It has actually been a moderately productive week. I’m in a mad dash rush to meet some deadlines right now but I think I can meet them…I hope. Life changes are ahead if all goes well and while I’ll have to make some adjustments I really do think this could be a good thing.

older man series main coverBut not to speak too much of the uncertain, let’s talk writing. Did I mention that I finished the rough draft of a couple stories this month? Code of Honor, the next book in the Witness Protection segment of the Special Ops series is done in first draft. It needs editing and I’m going to get started on that soon. I finished Black Rose and it needs editing. I finished a couple short stories that I don’t plan on releasing for people to read but I did have fun writing them. Oh and I am almost ready to release The Older Man collection. I have to get that one out because it finalizes the wedding from the Play it Again book. 8 Ball is really about the sister, but what better way to kick off her story than to get her story going having her meet the Best Man?

I was almost finished with the second book in the Rose series until I decided I didn’t like the leading lady because she’s simply not good enough for my leading man. Yeah, that just made the story take a different angle. I’m still working on the sci-fi book…that one will take a while. I need to finish putting the edits in print into the e-file of the last two books in The Russian Connection series. The first book will be ready to come out, but the last two still have more edits I want to do before passing it off to the editor while the first book is pretty much ready to land on the editor’s desk when her vacation is over.

So for the most part I am busy writing, editing, and getting ready for some major life changes that will definitely make an impact on my life as I know it now.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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