Wednesdays with the Arts: Abs Are Made In the Kitchen

They say abs are made in the kitchen. That would mean you can work out from now until forever but if you eat like crap it’s not likely all that work will help you sculpt your body. It reminds me of a PT I worked for (Physical Therapist) way back in the day. He said that he didn’t workout so he could lose weight. He worked out so he could eat.

For him, he loved what he loved when it came to food and he wasn’t willing to compromise what he ate for a more sculpted and toned body like he apparently had when he was younger. He worked out so he could eat the meals he loved without gaining astronomical amounts of weight that would push him out of his healthy weight range.

I workout because I love to do it and I always have. It’s also a good thing working out helps keep me healthy.

I have already shared some of the YouTube video workouts and healthy being videos I found while researching in the previous week’s posts, especially Friday’s Dish. If you have some workouts that you love to do please feel free to share in the comments to help others find new routines too.


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