Emotional Health

I have been talking about fitness and living a healthy life this week. Let’s face it; people can talk about being healthy, eating healthy, working out, and overall being fit forever and some people still won’t hear it. Some people get upset because other people talk about it. Sometimes trying to help people gets exhausting. So what’s the next step into healthy living? Emotional and mental health.

Being emotionally healthy is important. Having soundness of mind, heart and body goes a fabulously wonderful way in living a healthy life.

I always say that everybody has a breaking point because they do. Some of us never reach that breaking point while others reach it and fall over the edge. So part of living a healthy life is to remember to check in with yourself. How are you doing emotionally? What is going on in your world to either bring you down or help lift you up?

For some people friends can be a major downer. Sometimes it’s a death in the family or of a friend. Sometimes it’s reading the news. Sometimes it’s life circumstances. Some of these things are not quick and easy fixes. Sometimes you have to find what helps you reconnect with the you that was happy once upon a time. Maybe it’s a hot shower or soaking in a bath. Maybe it’s a workout. Maybe it’s observing nature, reading a book, sewing a dress, knitting a scarf, petting your dog or cat, building something, arts and crafts or music. It could be anything (legal). Once you find it, remember when you’re down to try it because maybe it will help pick you back up.

There is a lot to healthy living. While you’re thinking of getting your physical form together, don’t forget to pay attention to your mental and emotional being as well.

All that being said, I need to take a break for me. I’ll schedule the Fly on the Wall Sunday post for those of you who actually like reading my books but I need to take a few days off from Cyberspace. I’ll try to be back Wednesday, but if not I’ll see you all either later next week, or week after.


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