Friday Dish: Fitness Goodies

This week I talked about fitness and today I’m closing off the week with some fitness exercise videos I have found throughout the course of the week and some that I already have tried. I also like the TIU tips on ways to help you slim down. I don’t have their nutrition program, but sometimes they share tips so I’m sharing the link and you can see what works for you.

I’ll make it a little easier if you’re on their site you can go under the Fitness tab to find freebie workouts and sometimes recipes.

I’ll admit that since I like to research my own nutrition information I stayed away from getting the membership. Plus I’m not trying to lose weight so money saved can be spent on bills. Yeah…bills. But you know what’s best for you, so have a look, take something useful from it and move onward.

This is something I found recently. She has both fitness and nutrition so check her site out:

Here are some YouTube workout and toning Exercises that maybe you might find useful for you and your fitness goals:



Fitness Blender:

Black Women Do Workout Ab Challenge:

30 Day Shred (I think this one is legally up there):

Workout Right For Your Booty Type:

That last one has tips and is not really a full routine, but could be useful.

Now, I have to go. I’m fighting aliens this week and my characters would very much like to get out of whatever predicament I left them in when I stopped fighting aliens about a month ago to work on capturing my very sex older man cello instructor. Um…you guys do know I’m still talking in the fiction world here right ;)? Although I wouldn’t mind my very own very sexy older man cello instructor in the real world ;).

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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