Oh What A Morning

Hi. You guys probably thought I forgot about my fitness post for today huh? I didn’t. I remembered that I hadn’t scheduled a post last night, but I was so nicely situated in bed that I decided not to get back up to work some more.

This morning was busy trying to get dinner started…slow cooking meal, but it might be good. Then I went for a longer walk with my mom, came back, and while wondering where I put my yoga video (which I realized was right over on the bench) I found my older Pilates video and decided to do that. About mid first workout I realized the yoga video was just over yonder. Oh well. Mixing it up is a good thing.

Clair, from Dangerous Obsessions, and I have a lot in common when it comes to working out. I am always interested in fun workouts that can get me moving and help keep me in shape. I do a lot of research on fitness and nutrition. In fact, I have loads of goodies to share tomorrow.

But for today here is the video of my choice of workout for this morning. I’m just going to say it now; “tomorrow I think a lot of muscles are not going to be forgiving me.” 🙂 I forgot just how much this works me hard. Oh yeah, I felt it…I felt a lot.


I like that each workout is 10 minutes so if you don’t have a lot of time you can still fit it in. You can also create your own workout by picking which ones you want to play as you finish one. I did three of them today so that’s 30-Minutes. I have another 10 Minute one for Tighten & Tone. I don’t remember liking that one as much, but I haven’t done it in a while. And of course, just because I prefer Slim & Sculpt over the Tighten & Tone doesn’t mean you won’t love them both. I’m sorry that I couldn’t find a link to where you could buy it, but I did get mine at WalMart for like $9 a while ago and I know they tend to have quite a few workout videos at WalMarts that I have been in so maybe you can still find it there.

Come back tomorrow. I’ve done research and I have goodies to share :).



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