Wednesdays with the Arts: Training Wheels Off


You might love to help people but they have to help themselves too. They have to be willing to put in the work. One must make healthy living decisions for themselves. They have to do it because they want to do it if they plan to stick with it. As a friend or anything else you can’t pull the weight for them. You can’t be the only person doing the work to help keep them on track. At some point you have to pull the training wheels off and let them ride on their own.

While you are helping your friends do remember not to lose track of yourself and your goals.

The picture above is of yesterday’s lunch and dinner. I roasted the veggies, (sweet onion, green & yellow bell pepper, garlic, celery and carrots) sautéed the spinach and kale, grilled the shrimp and then mixed them all in the skillet so I could distribute them in the multigrain pita easier than trying to mix them separately. I used about a tablespoon of extra virgin organic olive oil and herbs instead of salt. Healthy and quite delicious too.

Don’t forget while you’re plotting for healthy eating to get a little physical too. Here’s a good yoga exercise to get you moving and help slim the waist.

Slim Waist Yoga Exercise



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