Tuesday: Fitness and YouTube

Last month I did a month of writing related posts and for the rest of this month I hope to do fitness related posts. Maybe I’ll add a little nutrition but I might want to talk about that next month.

You don’t need a gym membership to work on getting in shape. I hear so many people complain about not having the money for the gym and using that as their excuse not to even try to get fit and healthy. You don’t need the gym. There are plenty of other options. There are DVD’s, hand weights, and for free (well, other than the cost of having the Internet) you can always scope out YouTube.

I have a tendency to look online at things related to health. Either I’m looking up recipes that are healthy and could be fun to try, dissect, and change a lot, or I’m looking at workout routines that I might want to adapt, or modify to fit my body needs.

In the process of playing online and thinking about writing for one of my upcoming fashion stories, I found Scola Dondo’s YouTube page. I like the name Scola and I am sure I will use it for one of my leading ladies one day.

At any rate, she is rather motivating. She is still young and very much into health and fitness. She wasn’t always that way, but I believe in one of her videos she said she started losing weight at 14 years old. She lost a lot of weight, but she also did it the healthy way. You can check out her page to find recipes, workout tips, and motivation.

Fitness health and weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, but it definitely won’t happen if you don’t ever get started.



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