Monday Musings: Fitness and Writing

Anybody who has spent time reading my books probably know that my characters are in relatively good shape. The BBM line stretched my usual character development some, but even with those my guys do actually have some type of caring about their health.

For me, when I develop my leading ladies I demand they be in shape. Why? Because I demand it of my leading man. If I demand physical fitness for the guy why wouldn’t I demand it of the female too?

I also love fitness and nutrition. I have always loved to workout so I guess I could say it’s probably something I could consider a passion. When I write I like to include things I’m passionate about. Like music in The Cellist and Nutrition-Fitness in Dangerous Obsessions.

Some of my ladies are more hardcore dedicated like Clair from Dangerous Obsessions. Some were very active and then had to find other ways to stay healthy after injury like Angel in Guarding Angel. And while not every book has a focus on fitness, like Guarding Angel doesn’t, I do tend to build the character with some level of fitness awareness.

Fit and healthy does not always equate to six pack abs or perfectly firm bodies, but I do like to explore a diversely fit fictional world. Some characters have six pack abs and some don’t.

Sometimes I find recipes, fitness videos and related news articles in the process of building the characters’ worlds, or I get story ideas while expanding my own level of fitness knowledge.

Recent videos I have found by way of sites like Beyond Black and White (sometimes I like this site) is this one that focuses on black women getting healthy and fit. The focus isn’t on the look of the body, but rather on the physical health.

In my own quest for more yoga videos, since I can’t afford to buy more right now, I found Tara Stiles. There are 57 videos in this playlist so if you’re looking for a way to get into yoga maybe you can do some of these—especially the beginner videos. If you’re already doing yoga there are advanced videos too. They’re all pretty good. Some are longer than others, but they are all free to watch on YouTube. I believe they are legally there as well.

Do you have any videos, recipe finders or other fitness and nutrition goodies to share? Feel free to leave the links in a comment. Maybe we can all help each other get a little healthier.


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