Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life blog hop—Exploring Worlds


One of the things I love about writing are the worlds I get to explore. I can fight aliens one day, or catch bad guys the next. I can climb a mountain and be carted off to a prehistoric world by a rather large bird and rescued by a cute military man who has been Caged in this dimensional flux for five years. I can be a fitness expert and a nutritionist all the same. I can be an Earthquake Engineer or the U.S. Marshal Guarding Angel. I can do all of that without leaving the comfortable safety of my home.

I love writing because I get to explore so many worlds and build them in the imaginative ways I see unfolding in my mind as the movie continues to play. Although I will say it’s sometimes difficult when several movies decide to play at the same time, when a morning yoga workout inspires a scene in my head that inspires a story that inspires yet another story.

I’ve always had an active imagination and I love being able to safely explore the worlds being created in my head. I love getting happy endings because there seems to be so few of those in real life.

So what worlds am I exploring next? Hmm…aliens destroying worlds, witnesses who need guarding, fitness lovers falling in love, goddesses who are forbidden, slaves that were traded, older men and the women who love them, and cellists who want to go epic. Yeah, you had to know there would be music in there somewhere :). I also just put out the short-short On Duty which has three short-short stories in one book. I have another one in the works now, but I’m not sure when I’ll finish it. Basically, I’m busy writing and loving exploring worlds one book at a time.

Here’s a brief look at On Duty:

On Duty CoverIn A Taste of Heaven: Protect and Serve Brent Wadsworth thinks a cellist needs his protection and he won’t be shut down. When he finds out this cellist really doesn’t need protection will the woman he met while on duty invite him into her life as something more than an officer of the law?

In Gates of Heaven: The Violinist the Taiwanese-White mixed officer of the law heats things up guarding the violinist who plays in the same orchestra as his ex-wife. Now that he’s guarding the violinist he should have married can he claim her for life?

In Pearls of Heaven: Claiming the Fashionista when Joanna’s misstep lands her with an assaulting a police officer charge, can the Asian hostage negotiator she crushed on be convinced to let her go? Or does Kane Chen have conquer and claim plans of his own?

The stories start off sweet with a hint of spice, but by Gates of Heaven: The Violinist the heat intensifies and the spice is not the classic Hollywood fade to black. Stories are bwwm and bwam multicultural short-shorts that can be great for an afternoon break read.

It’s available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Today’s blog post was part of the Indie Life blog hop. Please click on the picture to hop onward and explore what other Indie Lifers are up to this month.



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