Friday Dish: Redemption in the Garden

What would Angel Ducain from Redemption do? Well, you know when somebody isn’t trying to kill her that is. She’s my landscape engineer with a great eye for design and wonderful, magazine worthy work. Okay, she would probably transform the entire backyard into something spectacular. But I’m not Angel so I do what I can do.

What I find in this new state I call home (hopefully not forever as I would like to move away sooner rather than later) is that the dirt is sandy and infested with strange creatures. I’m not just talking insects here. Nothing works to get rid of anything. One guy said to nuke the entire yard. Yeah, just what I need, nuclear bell peppers…oh wait, we would all be dead.

So doing something a little different for my second garden of the year I have decided to plant in crates and pots. The trees are still doing what they do in the ground, but I have a lot of veggies growing on the back enclosed porch area. I’m also digging up my pink lemonade blueberry bush with my mom and planting it in a crate. I have never seen pink blueberries before so I am excited to possibly see them on this bush in the future.


I would love a butterfly garden. The nice lady at Home Depot told me that the Dill I am planting is like a magnet for butterflies so not to destroy the larva they lay on it because they will be beautiful butterflies one day. Butterflies are the only insect I like. I look forward to possibly having a bunch of them. I say possibly because I have always been told to never count my chickens before the eggs hatch. So I am not counting butterflies, herbs, fruits, or veggies because I don’t have a clue that any of these things are going to survive or actually even come about. But I’ll have fun gardening while I wait for it.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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