Wednesdays with the Arts: The Art of Food

June saw an every day post schedule centered around writing so July will get me back to the normal posting timeline…thank goodness :).

While I was doing a lot of writing related stuff in June I was also still having fun with other arts. Food is one thing I played with a lot. It was like give me veggies and I will give you lots and lots of meals. I have taken all the green bell peppers off the bush except for the two baby peppers. I have only one yellow bell pepper left as I have gone through the red and the orange. All the grape tomatoes are gone, but you know I did have fun using them all.


Meals were so much fun to make and to eat. I tried new things and also realized while I don’t like tomatoes I can tolerate them if I roast them and combine them with other veggies.

I made Strawberry Pops. I didn’t use the banana in the recipe and I left the honey out of the ones that went in the Popsicle mold but added it to the remaining mix that went in the small containers that I used to freeze what didn’t fit in the Popsicle mold. I do think I will make these again, but I will make them different. I’m already thinking of what type of Popsicle creations I might want to make out of fruit. You can grab the recipe for this yummy yet good for you treat from skinnyms. There are other Popsicle treat recipes there too.



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