Monday Musings ~ Last Day of June

It’s the last day of the June Month of Writing here on the blog. Wednesday I will get back to something art related, but probably not writing. I miss talking about the other arts, but I will try, for those actually interested in my writing, to be sure to talk about writing still as well. Maybe I’ll even be able to cross relate it to one of my other arts.

So what have I been doing during this June Month of Writing other than writing? Kitchen adventures, lots of healthy food dishes were thought of and made. I have used all the green bell peppers from my garden except one, the others are not ready yet as they are babies. I’m not very much like Angel, not the one from Guarding Angel, but the one from Redemption. She is a character that’s great at landscaping. I’m just okay at it, but I am kind of good at growing fruits and veggies that I can add to a meal.

Other than cello practice and life in general I released Guarding Angel early. I guess since it’s the last day of the June Month of Writing I will talk a little about the latest release.

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover uploadOur leading lady is Angel Ducain. Ha, ha, I realized after I’d finished this story that I’ve used that name before. I actually had this weird “that sounds so familiar” thing going on, but I loved the name so much that I kept it. besides, in real life there are plenty of people who have the same name as somebody else so no big deal there.

She is an Earthquake Engineer. She was attacked a couple years prior and that left her with a permanent handicap. She is also now being put in the Special Conditions Witness Relocation program. And on top of all the not so great things with that, her ex is now the U.S. Marshal guarding her.

Our leading man is Hyun Ki Kan. This might just be one of his most difficult Special Conditions assignments, not because he’s worried about not being able to do his job, but because the woman he so desperately wants a second chance with is not making this easy for him. These two together are like Category-5 hurricanes just waiting to collide. Can they find a middle ground? Can they reclaim lost love? Can he save her life?

Guarding Angel is available in print and e-book. has the print, and Amazon and B&N have the e-book versions.

Thanks for hanging out with me for the June Month of Writing. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming ;).


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