Fly on the Wall Sunday: Behind the Character

I think people who have known me over the years probably already know I love a lot of things, cello, music, sewing, knitting, writing, photography, etc. But did you know that sometimes my characters, quite often actually, end up either having a job I found interesting enough to research, a job I have done in the past, or maybe even a job I would love to do one day?

Clair from Dangerous Obsessions is one of those characters for me. I have always loved to workout, even before I realized I was working out. I came from the era where kids actually played outside, rode bikes, maybe went skating, you know, when we weren’t sitting with our behinds metaphorically glued to a chair watching TV or playing on the computer. I never really saw the long walks with my mom as workouts. I just saw those walks as doing something fun. And when I started buying workout videos and infomercial workout gear I started to realize I was actually working out, but I was having fun while I did it.

I like to eat healthy, but I would say I started to eat healthier in my late teen years than I did as a kid. Yes we had home cooked meals, but an occasional fast food run was not off the menu. Now I won’t even eat fast food. Much like Clair I like to keep it healthy and I love to workout. That doesn’t mean I’m as religiously healthy as Clair though. That character could totally outshine me on healthy eating any day, but I think I do fairly well most times.

Dangerous Obsessions is not some feel-good romance book. This book is suspense romance all the way and it’s not without its hard hitting subject matter. Clair was abducted with her younger sister and the hell she faced while hearing her sister be killed just hit her hard. The fact that her mother lost her mind and her father got to a point where he couldn’t even stand the sight of her wasn’t easy. Now, years later, when the man who hurt her has escaped from prison she finds herself back in a certain kind of living hell. The difference is that she’s older and she’s spent her life figuring out how to survive—alone.

Dangerous Obsessions Print CoverI saw this story more from the psychological. I saw a character who loved getting healthy, who was great at her job as a fitness instructor and healthy eating advocate, but I saw more than that. I saw her throw herself deeply into her job because it was the one thing that couldn’t walk away from her like everybody else she loved had done.

When her childhood crush comes back into her life to warn her she’s angry with him for abandoning her. He was older than she was, but that didn’t change what she felt for him. He had also been there for her through the trial and beyond and then one day he just walks away only to return a decade later. Yeah, she’s not so open to the idea of him taking over her house and disrupting her life. She kind of fights a little, trying not to let her heart attach to this man, but at the same time she can’t resist it because she truly did love him, and loves him still.

So you have heartbreak, obsession, a woman who needs to finish healing and a man who needs to protect her, regain her heart, and reclaim the future they could have together.

Dangerous Obsessions is older, but it’s still one of the non-series books that I really like for the psychological, emotional, and of course, health conscious theme throughout.


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