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gastronomy ~ 1. The art or science of good eating. 2. Culinary customs or style.

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

When not writing, playing cello, knitting, sewing, or working out, and gardening too, I like to have fun in the kitchen.  This meal was easy to make.

Pic of Food

What You’ll Need



Iceberg Lettuce

Orange and green bell peppers (or your choice of colors and taste is fine)

Wholegrain Pita

Sweet Onion (just slice a little–not the entire onion)

Grape Tomatoes (about 4 split in half)

Tuna (sealed in the packet instead of the can)

Italian seasoning, paprika, red pepper (season according to taste, but unless you like super hot go easy on the red pepper)

Olive Oil

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

I am not a measure type person so this one is really flexible. Add your own favorite veggies or chicken or whatever you want. This is just an idea to get started.

Slice veggies in medium thickness, or chop them if you so want to do that.

Put veggies in a bowl that has a lid.

Lightly coat bottom of pan with olive oil (extra virgin organic is what I used)

In a small bowl combine seasonings, then add olive oil to mix ingredients. Do not have it too runny. Just add enough to combine the seasonings.

Scrape seasoning-olive oil combination into bowl with veggies. Mix with a spoon. Put lid over bowl and shake to fully mix and coat all veggies.

Pour veggies into pan and put pan in oven.

Roast veggies. (I used 30-minutes at 400 degrees F you may need less or more depending on your oven)

You can warm the pita bread in the oven or use it without warming. I warmed the first set, but didn’t warm my mom’s second helping because the oven was already off and would have taken a while to warm.

Do not leave pita in until hard and crusty. Just let it warm some (maybe a few minutes) and then remove it. If you’re eating an entire pita then slice it deep enough to fill it. I actually cut the pita in half so lightly pulling the opening apart was easy.

Make sure you have washed the kale, spinach and lettuce before using. Tear all into smaller pieces or leave them bigger depending on how you like to eat them. It works better for the half pitas with smaller pieces.

Open tuna pack and shred in a small bowl.

Once veggies are roasted, fill pita with all veggies (including the kale, spinach, lettuce) and tuna and eat while warm.

Capri Montgomery




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