Friday Dish: Early Release–Guarding Angel

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover uploadSome of the Guarding Angel scenes that really grab my attention are their argument scenes especially the one when Hyun kind of stops being the peaceful guard and starts moving more into the “say what he means without censorship,” guard. Both hearts are hurting, but I think Angel doesn’t think that he is. After all, he’s the one who left her the day before the high school prom they were supposed to attend together.

Hyun feels guilty about that, but he’s angrier with himself for not being strong enough back then to go against what his family wanted for him. He’s also getting tired of still having to pay for it seventeen years later. She might not ever be able to love him again, but the least she could do is make his job a little easier here.

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“So, Marshal—”

“Use my name or I won’t respond to anything you have to say, Angel.” He nearly growled.

She shrugged. “Fine. Mr. Kan—”

“You used to call me Ki.”

“That was when we actually meant something to each other.” She heard the harsh words slip off her tongue as easily as if she were trying to slice through softened butter. “Are you sure they can’t get me somebody else? I mean there has to be more available people than you.”

A rough snarl tore from his throat. “You get this straight now,” he stalked toward her. She hadn’t had time to move before he caged her in by placing his hands on either side of her body which forced her to try to retreat backwards until she realized the back cushion of the sofa was too solid to escape through.

“You might be harboring some adolescent grudge toward me but I have a job to do here. I will do my job whether you like it or not,” he glared at her. “I will keep you alive. Stop being a child and woman up,” he snapped as he leaned in closer to her. She felt her anger rising. “Impulsive and apparently not smart enough to let things go. It’s been well over a decade, Angel; let it go. Maybe if you had done that you could have saved your marriage—”

She heard the hard smack against his face before she realized her hand had been the thing that caused it. Her hand cupped her mouth as she gasped and her eyes widened. She hadn’t meant to do that. She had never done that to anybody before. “I…oh my God. I didn’t mean to do that.” But was she sorry she had? No. She had wanted to do that the moment he broke her heart. That slap was seventeen years late.

Guarding Angel ~ is available now in print and e-book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and


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