Cello Diaries Meets The Cellist


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Cello Diaries

I missed Cello Diaries last month so I thought since I have a theme going this month that I would tie it in with writing.

As you might know I wrote a book called The Cellist. My leading lady is a gazillion times better than me with playing, but that was one of the fun parts about writing her character. She had a chance to go someplace I am not even close to, and probably never will be. For this story my greatest passion played a major role in the storyline.

When I started playing cello I didn’t know anybody who played. I don’t even remember cello being in our elementary school orchestra. I remember violin because I was on violin, but cello, no—I don’t remember that being there.

I thought I would be able to find a teacher in the town turned not so big city that I moved to. I thought wrong. I couldn’t find a cello instructor anywhere nearby. By near I mean within a 1.5 hour drive (one way).

I wanted to learn. I had already bought my books and my cello and I was going to just have to teach myself. I’ve taught myself a lot of things so I figured while this would be difficult I could do it because I already knew how to read music. Yeah, it’s like the same clef as the violin right? Wrong. That would be a seriously big wrong.

Oh, it’s been fun, frustrating and fantastic all at the same time. This month I learned something new about my cello playing.

  1. I sound much better with my headphones on.
  2. I play the fast parts too slow and the slow parts too fast.

On 1 ~ I had the headphones on so I could hear the recorded song as I played. I figured I would hear it better and I could try to follow along with the music. I sounded so great playing with headphones on. I have decided every practice session should include headphones ;).

On 2 ~ Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger is such a beautiful song, but counting while playing is not my specialty, and neither is using a metronome. I find I’m moving along kind of okay, and then I’m hitting the next note before the recorded piece so I get back on track to find I’m hitting the next note after the recorded piece. How frustrating :(.

But with all things in life if you want it you have to work for it. I want this. I’m not looking to join an orchestra, cut a professional album and make a new record career. I’m just looking to take an instrument I love, a passion that has been in my heart for decades, and just enjoy it. I think it’s really the only thing in my life that can be calming, invigorating, and breathtakingly beautiful all while driving me insane. 😉

I love cello. I love music, and I combined my love of both in the book, The Cellist.


They were yen and yang, light and dark, summer and winter, but at the end of the day they always seemed to balance each other. She was calmness to his rage and he was strength to her fear. Never before had she felt this connection to anybody and she didn’t think she ever would again.

The Cellist ~ Amazon    Barnes and Noble    Lulu


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